Samsung Nordic Retail Design 



Samsung has always created innovative solutions that challange the perception of whats possible. Today, Samsung has developed a smart ecosystem of products in different categories that seamlessly connect with each other.

Samsung needed a way to show users the benefits with the samsung eco system.

With e-commerce progress and changing shopping behaviors, the importance of physical stores has often been questioned. Although most people buy online, consumers still need a place where they can touch and feel the products before making a purchase decision.



Samsung mainly sells its products through other retailers, which makes it difficult to control how customers perceive and receive information about the products. The samsung's ecosystem is difficult to display in a retail environment that is divided into product categories. We needed to create a place where consumers could experience

the the products. Furthermore, the goal was for the stores to be fully integrated with Samsung's digital channels and e-commerce.


To improve the consumer experience of the Samsung brand, we developed a holistic "Omnichannel Experience". The stores are connects to its e-commerce platforms, and presents a wide range of Samsung's products and services in a new way .The stores was designed for both existing and new Samsung customers, and offers continuous events, training and other services. Here visitors can test our units, and experience how they can get more out of them based on individual needs and interests. Visitors can participate in interactive events with experts and influencers in various areas of interest, as well as dedicated training where they can learn more about how to use Samsung's products and services. Everything from inviting a renowned illustrator to showing customers how Samsung can help them unleash their inner artist, to a PT that showed how Samsung technology can contribute to healthier habits. By introducing store visitors to Samsung's interconnected ecosystems, we want to improve the customer experience and inspire individuals to challenge the boundaries with us.


Samsung has a strong brand.However traditional retail concepts have made it difficult to create a place where consumers can actually learn about the value that Samsung's ecosystems of products has to offer. Here, consumers can experience smart solutions where refrigerators and washing machines interact with each other thru mobile phones. They can learn about how Samsung's apps can improve one's well-being by measuring sleep or stress levels, or simplifying everyday life through simple payments. Samsung Experience Store takes the traditional store concept to new heights by creating a place where curious visitors can gather to shop, be inspired, and create new opportunities together with Samsung.